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Selling : Our Auction Process

IMAGE : Our Auction Process

Our auction process includes several steps to ensure a smooth sale of assets and maximize your market and profit.

We start with a complete valuation of the items to provide a clear picture as to what you can expect at sale.

For each auction, the following steps are taken:

* Evaluate the condition and type of each item to provide a complete valuation.
* Prepare and execute the sales plan for marketing and advertising the assets.
* Clean, arrange, catalog, tag, and otherwise prepare the assets for sale.
* Professionally photograph and provide clear and accurate descriptions for each lot.
* Answer pre-sales inquiries and asset inspections from potential bidders.
* Conduct the auction sale and invoice winning buyers.
* Collect funds due in a timely manner.
* Supervise the safe, responsible, and insured removal of assets from the auction location.
* Handle all post-auction activities.

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