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MEGA Auctions have years of experience and specialized industry knowledge in several areas enabling us to bring you top quality auctions.

Every year, thousands of people bid on our auctions and pick the items they need at well below market pricing. The buying process is very straightforward but like any other important purchase, there’s a little preparation involved and some reseach you should do to ensure you get the best value.

First, do your homework on the items you're interested in. Check the new and current value on marketplace sites, look at the technical specifications for similar equipment, and decide a price that you're comfortable spending. Determine how much you are willing to pay before you bid.

Next, you will need to get registered to bid before you take part in any auction. The registration process is different depending on whether you are bidding online or attending in person. We recommend allowing at least two business days before the auction ends to register. It’s important we have the basic information about yourself, your company, and your method of payment. You’ll also find specific terms and conditions for each auction that you will need to agree to. Our general sales terms and conditions can be found here.

Register as an on-site bidder if you’re attending the auction in person, and arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the auction start and register at the auction table as soon as you enter the site. You need to bring a valid form of identification and your payment method. Remember to bring cash, check or other approved form of payment.

If you are bidding online only, register using our web portal and place your bids once online bidding opens. Online bidding typically starts two days before the auction closes. Most of our auctions are timed online auctions with automatic time extensions to avoid last minute bidding. If a bid is placed in the final minutes of an auction, the lot end time is extended slightly to alow for counterbids. This continues until there are no more bids and the lot is sold. Our live timed auctions operate a little differently, with lots closing in order and fair warning given to any Internet bidders once the highest bid is reached. When a bid from the auction floor matches a bid online, the floor bid will prevale.

For timed online auctions, you can set a maximum bid amount and the system will bid automatically up to your maximum, or enter a fixed bid amount which will immediatly place your maximum bid.

Once the lot closes, there are no bids on the item. The final sales price will be the price you bid times the number of items in the lot unless the lot is sold as a group. This will be specified in the lot description. Don't forget that a buyers premium is added to the final cost of each lot, and tax is then added depending on the State of sale. You can read about our accepted payment methods, auction fees, and taxes here.

Typically, removal of items takes place one or two business days after the auction closes. All lots must be paid in full before removal is allowed. Some items we auction will require disconnection of fixed power, water, or gas services which will require a licenced company or our onsite specialty vendor to conduct the work. Some heavier industrial pieces may require specialty rigging or machinery to remove. If you are planning to remove your purchases from the site using a powered vehicle, you will need to have a certificate of insurance on file. Additional rigging and removal information is on this page.

You can view frequently asked buyer questions and answers here.

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