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About Us : Ethics

The auction methodology requires a level of trust between the client, customer and auction professional that often exceeds standard business relationships. MEGA Auctions are committed to providing the elements necessary to meet that level of trust. The following Code of Ethics exists to encourage the thoughtful consideration of ethical standards for the auction process in their fostering of those relationships.

1. MEGA Auctions pledge to protect and promote the interests of the client. This obligation of absolute fidelity to the Client's interest is primary but does not relieve members of their obligation to treat all parties to the transaction fairly.
* We will not promote unreasonable expectations about the outcome of an auction in the mind of a potential Client in order to secure the Client's business.
* We will, to assure better service to the Client and to prevent misunderstandings, enter into written agreements or, at a minimum, clear oral agreements that set forth the specific terms and conditions of the engagement.
*We will not enter into an agreement with a Client to withhold information from the public, which would prove to be unsafe, illegal, and detrimental to the public or material to making a decision to bid.
* We will not make a profit on expenditures incurred for their client without their Client's prior knowledge and consent.

2. MEGA Auctions shall not accept compensation from any party, other than the Client, even if permitted by law, without the full knowledge of all the parties to the transaction.

3. MEGA Auctions shall disclose any potential conflict of interest to a current or potential Client.
* We will not provide professional services to their client where either they, members of their immediate family, members of their firm or any entity in which they have an ownership interest or contemplates an interest, without first disclosing such interest or contemplated interest.

4. MEGA Auctions shall not disclose any confidential Client information without the Client's consent except as required by appropriate legal authorities.

5. MEGA Auctions shall recognize the limitations of their expertise; then seek counsel, assistance or Client referral appropriate for the circumstances.
* The concept of competency extends when we are requested or required to travel to geographic areas where we do not have recent auction experience.
* We will recognize those circumstances where the property entrusted to their care requires knowledge of product, value and marketing in order to meet the goals of the client and therefore seek the assistance of professional expertise as appropriate.

6. MEGA Auctions owe the Customer the duties of honesty, integrity and fair dealings at all times.
* We will provide a clear understanding of all terms and conditions of an auction. Prior to the auction, customers for real estate auctions should be provided access to a copy of the contract to be signed for the bidder's review. Following the auction, purchasers of personal property should be provided a written bill of sale and purchasers of real estate a signed copy of the contract.
* We may participate as a bidder in an auction for which we have responsibility if allowed by the laws within that jurisdiction, and we have obtained the Client's consent and have made adequate public disclosures.
* We shall not bid on behalf of the Client unless we have made adequate public disclosure.

7. MEGA Auctions will not engage in activities that constitute the unauthorized practice of law and shall recommend that legal counsel be obtained when the interests of any party to the transaction would be appropriately served.

8. MEGA Auctions will keep monies coming into their possession in trust for other persons in a separate, special account in an appropriate financial institution if required by law or regulation.

9. MEGA Auctions will protect the public against fraud, misrepresentation, concealment of material facts, or unethical practices in connection with the auction profession or related business. There is an affirmative obligation to disclose adverse factors of which they have personal knowledge.
* We will be careful at all times to present a true picture in their advertising and representations to the public.
* In order to protect the public and to avoid misunderstandings, we will create and retain for a reasonable period of time an audio, video and/or online data record of each auction conducted.

10. MEGA Auctions are duty bound at all times to abide by the laws and regulations, which govern the profession as well as those which, if violated, would negatively affect their ability to appropriately represent the professionalism of our industry.

11. MEGA Auctions will never criticize a competitor using false or deceptive information.

12. MEGA Auctions shall not knowingly or recklessly share confidential information about colleagues or their business practices.
* Confidential information, including financial, policies, personnel or procedures, obtained through collaboration of a joint venture, employment or otherwise will never be revealed without the written consent of the affected party.

13. MEGA Auctions shall follow all NAA rules and regulations.
* We will follow the rules of any NAA-sponsored event, including but not limited to the Anti-Harassment Policy.
* We will follow the rules of the NAA administered social media platforms.

14. MEGA Auctions shall participate in all investigations and disciplinary proceedings when requested.

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