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Getting started is simple! We come out to you and provide an initial valuation estimate of the abandoned items.

With years of auction knowledge, we can accurately estimate the value of abandoned property. Our specialized areas include audio visual, lighting, IT, pharma, and technology. We can provide a summary appraisal for items under the threshold ($2,500 for commercial property in California).

Our process maximizes profits by preparing assets with professional cleaning, photography, and description detail.

We conduct a detailed inventory with full descriptions, high resolution photos, and videos to mitigate future claims. To maximize auction profits, we prepare items taking time to accurately list. The result is there are no surprises for buyers, and lots command a higher hammer price.

Auctions are hosted on our state-of-the-art online platform with targeted social media and mailings used to drive traffic.

Our auction platform has succesfully sold over 100 million items, and can conduct webcast or online only auctions. We use advanced marketing techniques to generate traffic to the auction site, with quality buyers who are searching for your items. The result is more bidders and more bids!

Get your property back fast! We conduct onsite or offsite auctions, and can include site clean up as part of our service!

If you have a new tenant interested in moving in, we can remove abandoned assets for an offsite auction, providing faster turnaround of the property. Additional services are available if required post-auction incuding site cleanup, signage removal, and repainting via licensed contractors.

MEGA AUCTIONS is your local specialist abandoned property auction and asset appraisal company!

Our Eviction and Abandonment Program reduces the threat of lawsuit from disgruntled former tennants who have been evicted after foreclosure or had their commercial tenancy terminated. Get your lease property back with minimal risk, cost, and time.

We provide a complete service with a single point of contact and can guide you through the updated (January 1st, 2019) NBARP Regulations to get your property back!

Abandoned Personal Property Auctions conducted after foreclosure, eviction, or lease termination are one of the fastest growing segments of auction business. At MEGA, we specialize in guiding you through the neccesary legally required steps to ensure fast and risk free property reclamation.

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Many major lenders are located in other states and are not aware of the California law requiring that personal property valued at $700 ($2,500 or one month’s rent for commercial property) or more left behind after the termination of ANY tenancy must be sold at public auction.

There is presently no process in place by any major lender or government agency to accuratly value abandoned personal and business property after taking possession. Banks and property managers are placed at risk of lawsuit every day by realtors & asset managers who dump, donate, or take property left behind.

The Eviction and Abandonment Program includes:

  • Help with obtaining legal services (if needed) for eviction and lease termination filing
  • Abandoned Property Appraisal
  • Assets are inventoried with standard forms, digital photos & video
  • Legal Notices Prepared & Placed in Adjudicated Newspapers as required by law
  • Assets are sold by auction in bulk based on photos and inventory
  • Supervised "Load Out" at scheduled times keeping the number of people at the site to a minimum
  • Flat rate end-to-end service auction entry fee plus commission on actual selling price
  • Summary Property Appraisal (Contents worth less than $700 personal, $2,500 commercial)

MEGA Auctions mitigates loss while creating a layer of indemnification.

The most attractive feature to institutional investors and lending institutions is that a platform has been created to mitigate the risk of loss and lawsuit faster than current "hit or miss" methods used by untrained agents.

Let us partner with you to help with your abandoned property!

Get Your Property Back To Lease Condition FASTER!

With a typical Abandoned Property auction, the successful bidders are not required to remove everything they win from the site. Winning bidders then pick and choose items, removing high-value items and leaving behind low-value ‘trash’ - including fixtures and fittings - that the building owner then is responsible for disposing of. This creates additional expense in the process and adds significant time before the lease space is available for turnaround.

Property not completely empty is difficult to lease, as potential clients want to see an empty space. Not only do we attempt to remove 90% or more items in the auction stage, but we also help with finding reputable donation partners for items that don’t sell due to the perceived value.

We can provide additional services including site closeout, where we remove all remaining items and clean up the site, and our contractors can professionally patch & paint walls, and remove signage & branding at reasonable rates.

The VOID - Case Study

The VOID was a cutting-edge, high-tech VR (Virtual Reality) concept with over 30 locations worldwide. We completed asset disposition for several of The VOIDs stages with compressed timeframes and complete space clean up of specialist audio visual, IT, truss, and staging equipment.

Locations were closed out within as little as 25 days, and over 95% of all items, including fixtures and fittings were sold. The remaining items were donated to local theatre groups, leaving very little waste at the end of each clear out. For each location, over eight tons (the equivalent to 9 x 40-yard dumpsters) of waste was saved from landfill, reducing the environmental impact of the project.

Due to the complex nature of some of the installation, IATSE riggers were utilized to remove overhead stage trussing. Parts of the truss were integrated into the fire control systems, requiring delicate and coordinated removal with contractors to ensure the integrity of safety systems was retained on removal.

Specialized electronic and special effects controls were removed, with electric, gas, and water lines capped and secured. A full palette of hazardous materials including lithium-ion batteries needed to be disposed of to State regulations.

Lease property owners benefitted from estimated demolition savings alone of more than $32,000 per site, in addition to significant gains from the sale of the assets.

Let us partner with you to help with your abandoned property!


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